See the world from brand new perspective.

In Rio de Sol's Cruise Spring 2022 collection, we invite you to see the world from a brand new perspective.

When we look at our history over time, we realize that the way we see the world has changed and opened up new perspectives.

The truth is that, depending on how we see the world around us, new possibilities will come. Always.

Astronauts report that looking at the Earth from above has a transformative impact on a person's life.

It brings awareness of the fragility of our planet in matters that until then seemed insignificant.

At the same time, it makes problems that seemed huge disappear.

Distance does that to us, gives us new perspectives.

And it brings us back to what is essential.

In our case, our valuesthe human being and nature.

And it makes us want to take care of what is ours.

That's why our prints in the 2022 collection are inspired by the earth seen from above.